Youth Exchange Program 2017 – 2018 open registration

Greetings from the Rotary Youth Exchange Committee

It’s that time of the year again and we are pleased to open the registration for the upcoming 2017/2018 batch of Rotary Youth Exchange Program. We extend our invitation to all Clubs within the District 3410 in the Rotary Youth Exchange by hosting and/or sponsoring students to the Program.

Rotary Youth Exchange is one of the most-highlighted programs in Rotary International worldwide. Every year, around 7,000 students traveling across the world in participating in the exchange program. Rotary International believes that investment in youth program through cultural exchange makes a great contribution towards building world peace. And what a better way in preparing future leaders than provide them with opportunity to learn cross-cultural understanding and first-hand experience the diversity of global society.

These future leaders will set the future path of Rotary. As Rotary has done a wonderful contribution for humanity, and these wonderful work of Rotarian need to be passed on to the next generation. The Rotary Youth Exchange is one the channels to attract the new generation to carry on this mission.

And as our experience can tell, working with youth indeed takes a lot of efforts. Add some extra work when these young people come faraway places with extremely different culture. However, it’s not just about extra work that matters. The successful exchange program that transformed not only the students but also their host families, friends and communities into more understanding and more loving often steals the spotlight by being the most rewarding and heart-warming experience one can ever had.

These bright young people are out there. Please go and reach them! If you have any potential candidates for the Rotary Youth Exchange, please visit our website and fill in the application that can be downloaded at You can also find it attached to this email.

We are pleased to also welcome applications for future Host Families to participate in hosting the exchange students. These families will open their hearts and homes to host those students in participating in the program. If you know any family that might be interested in hosting the students, please drop us a line. Information and sign up form for Host Family can be accessed on our website at:

Through our Area Coordinator teams, Rotary Youth Exchange presents in several major cities throughout the District 3410 area.

If your Club is interested to learn more about the Rotary Youth Exchange program please reach us. We will be happy to come to your club meetings and have discussion on the program