Hey, I’m exchange student

Vanessa Wen

Youth Exchange Student 2015 -2016

from SMAN 16 Batam

Hardworking person, partime student

fulltime dreamer

Hello guys. Long time not see. There’s a lot of things i want to share about. Even no one will read it hehe So, Now after a long time story and experiences. Now I will be an exchange student. Well I joined to Rotary Exchange Student. If you want to know more about it you can find on Rotary.org First. I knew Rotary last August and I started to asking some people and contact the club. Then, I did the test and waiting to the international and finally I passed the test. Then, I needed to join orientation at 3-5 july’15 to learn how to be an exchange student. Like you gonna be your country ambasador and need to introduce indonesian culture. Such a big responsibility. But I think the orientation is very usefull because you gonna know everything that you need there, In your host country. My Rotary district is 3410 and we have 27 students from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogya and Batam (My city) to become an exchange student. To be honest, at the first the orientation like a suck. Because you need to know new people, understand each other and that kind things. But everything goes better. When you started know each other and make a team work. I think i need to thanks the rotex (Rotary Exchange Alumni) for this:) like even some of them not really close to me but thats better. And I know we can be more comfortable each other as time goes by. By the way, at the orientation they have such awards and I don’t know why I’ve chosen as a ‘ghost whisper’ because of my low voice. I think its one of the reason why i can speak comfortable with other.

They have different character and habit. and the 3d2n was fun for me. You will meet the ROTEX who have different character and also your friends for life (they talked about it all the time). Make a team work for people who had met a few hours. And need to be creative and inovative! Prepare a special performance for the guest with just about one day. First i thought it was a pressure and I can’t handle it. With the Bandung weather (I never came to bandung before) and I got stress because i need to do something i hate so much. (We gonna perform a drama,fyi) But now, I realize that it was not a pressure. It was a challenge. You need to be more creative and also responsible with those kind things.

I’m really proud to be part of Rotary Exchange Student!

I will go to Michigan, USA by the way. And I’m very happy to contact my host parents and counselour. They are really kind:) I’m looking forward to meet them.