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Bandung Street Children Program

Bandung Street Children Program by RC Bandung Braga Metropolitan

Indonesia is estimated to be home to more than five million street children. In Bandung alone, an estimated 3,000 to 11,000 children are on the streets. Our surveys have shown that their population is very diverse:

  • teenage boys with addiction problems;
  • teenage girls at risk of sexual abuse and worse;
  • children who have a home and stable caregivers but who are forced to beg or sell in the streets after school;
  • children without stable caregivers who have dropped out of school;
  • children who are born homeless and stay that way for the rest of their lives.

Homeless children lack access to basic living conditions, safety, education and loving guidance. Unprotected, these children are vulnerable to mental trauma, addictions, sexual diseases and HIV infection. They receive no education and have little chance of ever living a better life.

Homeless girls are especially at risk of trauma, sexual exploitation and unwanted pregnancies producing new generations of street people.

The Bandung Street Children Program (BSCP) was initiated in 2010 by members of Rotary Club Bandung Braga Metropolitan to make a difference in the lives of the many street children in Bandung, a large city in West Java, Indonesia.

The Bandung Street Children Program is officially run and overseen by the Perkumpulan Sanggar Sahabat Anak (loosely translated this means: the friendly place for children association), a formal and legal non-profit entity that was established in 2014 to run and oversee the Bandung Street Children Program.