Training one thousand teachers in Indonesia


The survey result of PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) year 2013 stated that the average competence of Indonesian children in mathematics and science were 64 of 65 countries surveyed. This lag of capability is due to the weak curriculum in Indonesia and the lack of teachers’ competence in teaching. Out of the total 3 million teachers, it is estimated that only 20-30% of them are competence in teaching mathematics and science.

Education in Indonesia requires special attention as the ability of Indonesian students falls 3 years behind compared to the global average, and 50% of Indonesian children aged 15-16 years have not mastered well the ability to read let alone math. Furthermore, 20% of the 250 million of Indonesian population is still below 20 years old, where estimated 1/3 of them have completed their intermediate education.

The Government plans to provide training on teaching mathematics and science to 300,000 teachers from approximately 3,000,000 teachers in Indonesia. With the limitation of the government effort, Rotary D.3410 Indonesia sponsored by Rotary Club of Jakarta Cinere and Rotary Club of Sunter Centennial was called to participate in enhancing the competence of 1,000 Elementary School (SD) teachers. Why Elementary School Teachers? It is because the elementary level is so-called the Golden Time for children to master their knowledge on math and science in order to make it easier for them, later in the higher education (SMP and SMA), to learn Mathematics, Physics, Biology and other Sciences.

Training Methods

Method used in the trainings is the interactive method, where participants are not only listening to the presentation and lecturing from the resources, but also active in discussions, Q&A, group/team work, preparing and conducting group as well as individual presentations. To ensure sustainability and continuous effect, all participants are required to make reports by semester concerning the change and development in their respective class.

Training Program

Training format of each batch should cover 40-50 participants, in which each school will be represented by 2 teachers. Training will be conducted in 3 cities: Jakarta – Yogyakarta – and Bandung, and its implementation will be in cooperation with Rotary Clubs in Yogyakarta and Bandung. This teachers’ training program is divided into 3 (three) phases, as follows:


Pilot Project Teachers’ Training Program has already been held successfully in Jakarta, on 12 – 15 March 2015 during the 2014-2015 Administration Service Term of Rotary Club Jakarta Cinere in cooperation with Rotary Club Jakarta Sunter Centennial and the Executive Board of Indonesian Teachers Association (PB PGRI).

This Pilot Project was intended to develop a procedural system, to ind an effective form and method of training. Meanwhile, trainings in the next phases shall take the model and be prepared based on the lesson learned from our experience in the Phase-1 Training.


A series of training covering three provinces is to be conducted in DKI Jakarta, West Java and DI Yogyakarta. The training series that will be conducted during Rotary Club 2015-2016 Administration term constitutes a process of selecting local instructors. The candidates of training participants in Phase II are active teachers meeting requirements determined jointly by the Team of Teachers Training Project from Rotary Club Jakarta Cinere in cooperation with PB PGRI. Stringent requirements shall be enforced in selecting the participant candidates since the Phase-II

training aims to screen the best cadres to be trained as local instructors projected to work effectively in training participants for the next phase.

Phase II Training shall be conducted in Jakarta, Bandung and Yogyakarta with total participants estimated of 120 teachers at a minimum.

Trainers/Instructors are required and/or targeted from the teachers selected in Phase II. The selected teachers will become Trainers/Instructors in the implementation of Phase III Teachers’ Training. Therefore, requirements for Phase II participants
shall be much higher. This Phase II training shall be conducted in Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Bandung. Around 120-130 teachers will be participated in the
3 trainings in 3 cities. It is expected that from each package, 2 teams of 6 trainers (12 trainers) will be obtained, so that overall 36 trainers will be generated from the Phase II Training.


It will be conducted during Rotary Club 2017-18 service terms for teachers from DKI Jakarta region and surroundings – in Jakarta, from DI Yogyakarta – in Yogyakarta, and from West Java region – in Bandung. In each region a minimum of 6 (six) trainings participated by 40-50 teachers will be conducted. Overall, a total of 18 trainings will be held in order to achieve the target of 1,000 teachers.

Cost of Teachers’ Training Program

It is estimated that the cost per participant shall be Rp3,000,000 - Rp3,500,000 (USD 220 – 260 equivalent assuming USD 1 = Rp13,500).

The above cost/participant is to cover the following:

  1. Accommodation for participants and committee for 3 night
  2. Training rooms and equipment (microphones, sound system, LCD Projector & Screen, white boards, lip chart)
  3. Meals and snacks (B, L, D and morning & afternoon coffee breaks)
  4. Transport allowances for participants, committee members and facilitators
  5. Software package of mathematics and science visualization (3-year validity
  6. Preparation for papers and training materials (including photocopies)
  7. Documentation
  8. Administration
  9. Professional fees for Trainers, Facilitators, Resources.

Program Budget Fund


The Phase I program has already conducted on 12 – 15 March 2015. Source of Fund: DDF District Grant, added by club funds from RC Jakarta Cinere and RC Sunter Centennial. Total participants trained were 40 teachers from Jakarta region and surroundings. Total amount of USD 35,487


Source of Fund: it is planned to be derived from Global Grant Funding in total amount of USD 49,137 with international sponsor Rotary Club of Lynnwood, USA District 5030, in partnership with other Rotary Club of Emerald City, Rotary Club of Mill Creek, and Rotary Club of University.


Source of Fund: similar with the Phase II program, it shall be derived from Global Grant Funding. Hence, we need International Sponsors for this.


There will be 6 batches of program, each is consisted of 50 participants to train 300 teachers by the end of this program in this province alone. Funds required for 6 batches of program would amount of USD 75,000.


There will be 6 batches of program, each is consisted of 50 participants to train 300 teachers by the end of this program in this province alone. Funds required for 6 batches of program would amount of USD 80,000.


There will be 6 batches of program, each is consisted of 50 participants to train 400 teachers by the end of this program in this province alone. Funds required for 6 batches of program would amount of USD 100,000.

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