Mobile Library for Rural Village

Mobile Library for Rural Village - by RC Bandung Selatan


Indonesia has made tremendous progress in ensuring primary school children get an education - some 97 per cent of children aged between 7 and 12 years old are attending classes across the country.

However, 2.5 million Indonesian children who should be in school are not - 600,000 of primary school age and 1.9 million of junior secondary school age (13-15 years).

Looking at statistics from the provincial and district levels shows that certain groups of children are worst a ected children from the poorest households are 4 times more likely to be out of school than those in the richest. Nearly 3 per cent of primary aged children in rural areas do not attend school compared to just over 1 per cent in urban areas.

Of those who do go to primary school, nearly 1 in 5 rural children do not move on from primary to junior secondary, compared to 1 in 10 urban children.

Children in remote villages across the Indonesian archipelago do not receive the same opportunities to learn and grow as those in the cities. According to the World Bank, only 55 per cent of children from low- income families are enrolled in junior secondary school and that the average student will receive just 5.8 years of schooling. In remote areas, the numbers are much lower. In West Papua, for example, 32 per cent of children under 15 are illiterate.

Almost half of all Indonesians living in rural and remote areas, poorly served by roads, books and quali ed teachers. As a consequence, the opportunities for many are limited. A child with low marks, from a poor family far from the city will have a problem to get quality education.


"The whole purpose of education

is to turn mirrors into windows"

-Sydney J. Harris-


Jendela Desa is a program designed by Rotary Club Bandung Selatan, focusing in suporting of underdeveloped villages in Indonesia, so that they can developed themselves into independent villages, through projects that match with Rotary’s six areas of focus.

One of Jendela Desa mission is to support the education at the grass roots level and development of underdeveloped village.