Seamless seminar on 26 July 2015, “taste of fresh apple”

"Seamless with taste APPLES SEGARR !! FRESH !! "spontaneity posed picture Angga Wicaksana AG.

Although prepared inside of a short cut in the holiday mood Eid al-Fitr, the participants said that the seminar is one of the best, judging by the way of preparation, coordination, registration and communication that exists seamlessly between organizers, participants assisted by a team of realta.

Patterns Plenary - Break Up-Plenary Sessions are run specifically for wrap-up and summary of planned out well and produce a summary of the best results.

Presentation PDG Mustain Sjadzali of RC Cinere feels solid and it increasingly grounded tells the beginning of a successful long journey to restore the Spirit of Rotary in our daily life and returned to the Rotary Club we each still.

The result of all the hard work of EC and OC and Team realta has been bringing positive results and the praise of RI Director PDG Gullier Tumangan which at its peak giving the gift of opportunity to PDG Mustain to be one of the Keynote Speakers at the event MANILA ROTARY INSTITUTE on November 6 to 8 2015.

Another with Rodolfo PDG Balmater of RC Jakarta Gambir in the presentation provides details specifically about the development plan of the new Rotary clubs in various regions in Indonesia that in fact the condition of these islands. RI Director PDG Gullier Tumangan also looked surprised when knowing the distance between Balikpapan - Jakarta, Jambi Palembang-, dstnya. He agreed with the club's development plans and are committed alongside Rodolfo and IPDG PDG Herman Gani of RC Lampung to help increase membership.

Moreover PDG Ridlo of RC Bandung also gives the impression that impressive with data that is even more complete than the RI Director know.

Proved that in fact although the cost is quite expensive, if the result is optimum satisfaction and deep impression on all participants, with the spirit of togetherness and openness (Rotary way) is expected to present something that is both useful and meaningful for the future.