Rotary District 3410 is in Zone & – Indonesia

The district located in the West region of Indonesia, concludes the clubs in West Java, Banten and DKI Jakarta, Sumatra and Riau Islands, Borneo, The Special Region of Jogjakarta and Banyumas. Together with Rotary International we are destine to:

Support and Strengthen clubs
Focus and Increase Humanitarian Service
Enhance public image and awareness


Although the history of Rotary International in Indonesia began in 1927, Rotary was stopped twice. First because the Second World War began in 1942 and for the second time on February 23, 1961, when Rotary was banned by the Government of President Soekarno (the first President of Indonesia).

Here is a chronological summary of Rotary started in Indonesia stems from District 3400 to become current D3410 District.

First Period Rotary Indonesia – April 1930 s / d 1946

The first period Rotary activities in Indonesia began with the formation of the first Rotary club is the Rotary Club of Yogyakarta. Five clubs were chartered before the six clubs were in the district known as Provisional District C-Rotary International in April 1930.
In the next 4 years, to form (chartered) six new Club. Rotary International, headquartered in Chicago USA provisional District C to the official district, and is known as the Rotary International District 79, Indonesia on 1 July 1934. The Club had increased to eighteen, two years later, at the Rotary International District 79 was changed to Rotary International District 45 on the 1st July 1936 when the second world war broke, Indonesia had twenty six clubs with 819 members. Rotary in Indonesia was inactive from 1942 to 1946.

Second Period Rotary Indonesia – 1946 s / d 1961

The second period began after the second world war, the Rotarians who survived the war, reviving the activities of Rotary International District 45 and started from the beginning again.
The first Rotary club was formed in the second period was Rotary Club Bandung in 1946 with a membership of forty-two people. Rotary clubs in Indonesia grew to thirteen before the District 45 was changed to Rotary International District 389 on the 1st Jul1 1957.
Four Club increases, before the development and activities of Rotary in Indonesia stalled back as on 23 February 1961, under the leadership of President Sukarno’s government banned the activities of Rotary in Indonesia. At that time the Rotary International District 389 had seventeen Rotary Club with five hundred and fifty-three members.

Third Period Rotary Indonesia – 1966 s / d 2012

The third period, in the New Order era under the leadership of President Suharto in 1965 brought hope and new optimism in Indonesia. It was in 1996, a number of Rotarians under the flagship of Rotary, start a business to have Rotary recognized and permitted by the government under the leadership of President Suharto. This effort is successful when the country formally accepted the existence of Rotary, through letter No. 45 Official Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia dated June 5 1970, the Minister of Justice dated May 20 1970 No. JA 5/70/9, declared lawful presence of Rotary in Indonesia, with the name “Rotary Society of Indonesia”. The first Rotary Club was formed in this period is the Rotary Club Jakarta on December 7, 1970.
Furthermore, we have experienced rapid growth of the Rotary Club in the world and also in Indonesia. District With fifty five Rotary Club was changed to Rotary International District 3400 on 1 July 1991.

Rotary Fourth Period Indonesia – 2012 s / d year running

The division into two districts in Indonesia. The fourth period, the Rotary Club of rapid development in Indonesia, in addition to maximizing the service district of Indonesia previously experienced problems due to the geographical position of Indonesia that are dispersed so widely that measured 5.8 million m2 (*) from Sabang to Merauke, the underlying division into two districts; the West and the East.

West Region became District 3410 and the Eastern Conference into District 3420

Dated July 1, 2012 District 3410 Indonesia was established under the leadership of the first District Governor Rtn. Vensentius Dwijatmoko of the Rotary Club of Batam. Starting from 48 clubs with 830 members, aspire to build a new district through 6 Areas of Focus Rotary and developed a number of clubs and Rotarians are members of more than 1,200 members within the first 3 years.

West region of Indonesia, District 3410 covers West Java, Banten, DKI Jaya, Sumatra, Riau, Kalimantan, Yogyakarta and Banyumas.