Reach Out Beyond Self

"So many things to do, yet so little time and resources ...... this condition always posts the big challenge to prioritize the places that need our highest attention, even outside our usual project areas in Tangerang and vicinity".

In the province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) still 22.61% of the population live below the poverty line (data March 2015, published by Badan Pusat Statistik in September 2015), which is the third highest rate all over Indonesia and way above the national average of 11.22%.

NTT has been marked as one of the most vulnerable provinces in Eastern Indonesia and has the most alarming food insecurity rates. Lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation, as well as limited access to health- and education facilities, are among the contributing factors to chronically high child mortality and under-nutrition rates in NTT. NTT’s Human Development Index is only ranked at #32 out of 34 provinces. “Stunting” (= referring to growth resp. body height, i.e. below median height for age of reference population; usually due to malnutrition) in most eastern provinces is above the World Health Organization’s critical threshold of 40 percent (Ministry of Health Survey 2010). In NTT the stunting rates have reached 58.4 percent (data 2010), the highest rate in Indonesia.

To help NTT move faster in reducing the gap to other provinces, PT. Packet Systems Indonesia and the Rotary Club of Tangerang have agreed to act, and therefore have initiated the program

“Reach Out Beyond Self”.

We have identified a poor area close to NTT’s capital city Kupang that well deserves our attention and at the same time fulfills feasibility criteria to properly manage projects there. As Confucius said: “It is better to light up one candle than to curse the darkness”; this one program will certainly not yet leverage the entire NTT province, but we feel that it is a good start!

This program may include several sub projects such as Clean Water, Libraries, Scholarships, and a “Goat program”. Implementation of the program is planned to start as of December 2015, provided sufficient

Proposal for Community Service Projects 4 funds are available. Further details of the program will be elaborated once fund raising from sponsors has progressed.

A selection of the current ideas for mentioned sub projects:

Providing Clean Water and Sanitation | Install a deep well pump and build a water reservoir to provide villagers with drinking water. Alternatively this may be solved with rainwater harvesting and, if the situation and funds allow, may even include installation of piping to the villagers’ houses.

Supporting Basic Education and Literacy | Provide books for libraries. Provide computer for schools, possibly additionally also Internet Access for schools/students.
This program ideally would be paired with Reference Books and/or educational DVDs for teachers in order to leverage the standards of the most important piece in the chain of education: the teachers.

Supporting Basic Education and Literacy | Provide families with scholarships in order to ensure that their kids can enrol up to SMA and graduate. Support professionals to achieve higher education and to acquire training skills (“Train the Trainers”), even in training centres outside of their villages (e.g. in Kupang).

Growing Local Economies | Donate a pair of goats to a family who is willing to nurture them and encourage breeding. The first kid produced shall be passed to another family, with the passing cycle continued. This program will improve nutrition by providing milk for children.
Similar “multiplicator programs” can be initiated with fish or (fruit) tree seeds.

The Initial Budget Proposal

The following rough figures budget is initially based on assumptions, i.e. before intensive surveys of candidate locations in NTT have been done and before commitments of participating organizations have been collected. In the event that we can collect funds in excess of below estimation, we will increase the “quantity” of the programs or will preliminarily keep the funds in a saving account for subsequent community service projects. Funds will never be allocated to any other purpose than community services.

In regular intervals, every sponsor shall be updated with a progress report until projects have been finished and funds have been used up.
Programs and figures below are preliminary for illustration only. Once we have collected commitments from sponsors, we will refine the plan in line with the agreed programs until approval of a final budget.


What have been done?

RC Tangerang has been very fortunate to have PT. Packet Systems Indonesia who has been the loyal fund supporter on every community services projects so far. This time, PT. Packet Systems Indonesia asked their friends and business partners to raise fund up to Rp. 265 million.

There are four activities has been done in Atambua:

  1. Water piping from water springs to STM Nenuk School, Atambua
  2. Deep Water Well near by Seroja Refugee Camp, Atambua
  3. Food Distribution at Oetfo Refugee Camp, Atambua
  4. Train the Trainer for TK & SD Santa Angela, Atambua

On Progress activities:

  1. Deep Water Well at SMA Surya, Atambua (on progress)
  2. Deep Water Well at Sekolah Ketrampilan Putri Lebur, Atambua (on progress)

Propose activities:

  1. Computer and Library at SD Santa Angela (in the pipeline, budgeting and asking for approval from RC Tangerang Committee)
  2. Goat Program at Oetfo Refugee Camp (in the pipeline, budgeting and asking approval from RC Tangerang Committee)

Rotary Club  Tangerang and PT. Packet Systems Indonesia have been building a long-term partnership in their history of community services in the Tangerang area to promote especially Health and Education for Children. Limited funds and resources, however, have been restraining our ability to conduct projects with an even higher impact on the society.

During many years of our fruitful cooperation we have implemented a lot of small -yet powerful- projects, e.g. ranging from “Duta Kesehatan” to introduce 1st grade students to a healthy life style to “Slow Food Festival” (as opposed to Fast Food) to promote healthy food for kids, from “Run for a Better Life” to raise funds together with a middle-school (SMP) to “Read for a Better Life” to help fix eye problems in young kids (where the kids or teachers and parents were even unaware about the kids’ eye problems); we also encourage kids to love books and computer by providing them with a better library including book donations.

The latest project, a “Clean Water Facility” at Rawakidang Village - Tangerang Regency, now has increased our confidence levels towards exploring higher impact opportunities to do good and give back to society. Many organizations from all over the world have already supported the Rotary Club of Tangerang and PT. Packet Systems Indonesia in this project, such as many Rotary Clubs, namely Rotary Club Erwitte-Hellweg / Germany, Rotary Club Taipei Metro East / Taiwan, Rotary Club Peninsula South / Hong Kong, Rotary Club Yokohama North / Japan, Rotary Club Jakarta Selatan / Indonesia.