Hydrocephalus Surgery

Rotary Club Yogyakarta Health Service & Continuous Project

Established on May 17th 1994, initiated by several members of Rotary Club Yogyakarta, which are Rtn.Endro Basuki, PP.Atty Sintawati (RIP), PP.Soertiningsih (RIP) and PP.Yuniarti Aida in cooperation with Sardjito Hospital Yogyakarta.

Project's Description
Physically, Hydrocephalus patients suffer from inflated head due to the inability of the body to absorb water from the brain tissue. The excess water is resulted by the surplus of fluid generation from other diseases and infection in the brain tissue.
To cure the patients, they have to undergo a surgery, whereby the excess fluid is eliminated through the abdomen via a special hose. This surgery is conducted by neuron surgeon.

Established to help the children with Hydrocephalus by providing free and accessible surgeries, in Yogyakarta and its surrounding area.

Total Funds Expended
A single surgery would cost normally a US$ 1500/patient. The biggest cost goes to the special hose to eliminate the excess fluid to the abdomen as well as the medication, which amounts to US$ 350. The remaining amount goes to surgery expense and medical care at the hospital and post surgery treatment. The above project value is not mandatory. We welcome any amount of contribution.

Up date information 2014: 265 patients.

Source of Fund
1. Matching Grant#11353 - US$ 13,200 for 30 patients, from Rotary ClubDistrict 1610 Netherlands and Rotary Club Yogyakarta District 3410 Indonesia.
2. Matching Grant#109557 - US$32,200 for 75 patients, from Rotary Club Ibaraki District 2660 Japan, Rotary Club Takatsuki District 2660 Japan and Rotary Club Yogyakarta District 3410 Indonesia.
3. Rotary Club Elyra District 6600 USA - US$2,200 for 5 patients.
4. Rotary Club Manahem District 2450 Bahrain for 3 patients.

Project Leader: Rtn. Endro Basuki, PHF
Classification: Neurosurgeon