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Project 1000 to fight Tuberculosis

Project 1000's goal is to fight TB (tuberculosis) among the lower income communities in Jakarta. Many of these people, who are often uneducated, do not understand the danger of TB. In fact, many of these people still think that having TB is a taboo. Thus, they don't seek for proper treatment. The pilot project was conducted at Kampung Joglo, Pertukangan Utara with the support of Rotary Community Core Palem.

Ibu Fitri (leader of RCC Palem) and her team are our unsung heroes who tirelessly went door-to-door to educate their neighbors about TBC and invited them to get screened at this medical fair.

In order to attract the local people, we also have marawis moslem performance, fun games for the children by Rumah Edukasi, USG screening for pregnant women, education how to wash hands and how to raise children by the nurses and doctors of RS Hermina and volunteers from Johnson and Johnson Indonesia.